Super Mario Kart Championship 2019

From 13th to 17th August 2019, me and the very best Super Mario Kart players will do battle in Alphen ann den Rijn located in the Netherlands. Playing Time Trial, Battle Mode, Match Race and 150cc. This will be my first time competing in an eSports championship and I’m looking forward to it. Follow my Super Mario Kart progress since joining two years go here. … Continue reading Super Mario Kart Championship 2019

My First Kickstarter – R-Type Final 2

Modern gaming development is costly, so much so that developers can be scared to doing something new or resurrect a much loved classic. Both Bloodstained Ritual of the Night and Shenmue 3 went through Kickstarter funding despite being made by big names from the past. Backing a Kickstarter had been on my mind before, Bloodstained sounded like the Castlevania Symphony of the Night sequel I’d … Continue reading My First Kickstarter – R-Type Final 2

Buying Japanese Switch Games

Original article published at Nippon Game Quest store. Buying Japanese games can be risky if your ability to read Japanese is non existent, no one wants to buy a game and be stuck in the title screen. Fortunately some Switch games have an English language option or will automatically “switch” to your console language. However this is not always the case. If a game has … Continue reading Buying Japanese Switch Games

E3 2019 Nintendo Highlights

This years E3 from Nintendo was another strong showing with some incredible fan service for us gamers. For me the highlights from the show are as follows. The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening gets one of the best Limited Editions I’ve seen, a GameBoy steelbook, and the game itself is looking fantastic making this remaster top on my shopping list for later this year. One … Continue reading E3 2019 Nintendo Highlights

Guide to buying Retro Consoles from Japan

Original article on Nippon Game Quest. When it comes to buying a classic console you’ll need to know a few things. Japanese consoles run on 100 volts electricity, while here in the UK we run at 220 or 240 volts. Put simply if you plug in your retro console from Japan into our power supply, it will be damaged permanently.  By purchasing a Step Down … Continue reading Guide to buying Retro Consoles from Japan

Mega Sg Review

Last year Analogue gave us the Super Nt an FPGA powered Super Nintendo/Famicom for those looking to get the best possible video and audio on a modern tv to rave reviews, this year Analogue are giving us the Mega Drive super console, the Mega Sg, have they created the best way to play Mega Drive games? Yes, they certainly have. After opening the beautiful packaging, … Continue reading Mega Sg Review

A Brief Console History of Analogue

You would be forgiven for thinking the Super Nt was Analogue’s first venture into re-creating retro consoles for our modern times, yet in fact, the Neo Geo was the very first. In this article I’ll go over Analogue’s past and show you why Analogue is one of the most talented and respected console makers in the industry. CMVS In 2011, Analogue released there first console … Continue reading A Brief Console History of Analogue