Aleste Collection Translation

There is no doubt M2 Shottrigger range highlights some of the best shmups created and makes them even better. Aleste Collection is the most recent release and a brilliant one too. Sadly, the games remain Japanese exclusives which means understanding the vast options in the menu will be impossible for non Japanese readers. Understanding the options in the main settings will allow gamers to really … Continue reading Aleste Collection Translation

Video Game Photography

Technology and gaming has certainly evolved over the years, especially when it comes to graphics, never before have we had such vivid worlds to explore and characters to meet. Many games now offer us the chance to become a photographer in the world we play in and most consoles have a screen capture option to help us become a virtual David Bailey. Enjoy my efforts … Continue reading Video Game Photography

Game of the Year 2020

5. Super Mario 3D All Stars Three fantastic Mario games all in one package. Both Mario 64 and Galaxy are the highlights for me as they represent both the birth and pinnacle of 3D platform gaming. 4. Horace Charming and addictive platform adventure full of humour, Horace come as a complete surprise to me. An absolute bargain and easily one of the best 2D platform … Continue reading Game of the Year 2020

Review of Metal Slug: The Ultimate History by Bitmap Books

Two franchises spring to my mind when I hear the term “Run’n’Gun”, Contra and Metal Slug, although my first experience of the genre was Rush’n Attack/Green Beret by Konami, it was Contra 3 (also by Konami) on the Super Nintendo and Metal Slug (developed by Nazca/SNK) in the arcade that made me a fan of running and gunning. SNK’s Metal Slug series was considered by … Continue reading Review of Metal Slug: The Ultimate History by Bitmap Books

NHS Charity Gaming Stream

Right now NHS workers are doing their very best to battle the coronavirus (COVID-19) while many of us rightly stay at home. To show support I will be streaming to raise money for NHS Charities Together (please click the link below) and will be donating £50 myself to start, with a target set of £200. Please click on the JustGiving link above and let … Continue reading NHS Charity Gaming Stream

Flip Grip Review

Fans of classic vertical arcade shoot’em’ups (sometimes referred to as “Shmups”) have long suffered when it comes to home ports. Many “Tate” (Japanese for vertical) shmups were displayed on a tall rather than wide monitor in the arcades, when these games hit consoles due to a traditional TV being wide you would have a big black border around the screen or (horrifically) a stretched display. … Continue reading Flip Grip Review

Escaping Alcatraz Island

By far one of the best online gaming experiences I’ve had was with my friends (Christer, Lee and Johnson) playing Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead Zombie mode, an intense game of survival with the goal being escaping Alcatraz Island with your life. This is a complex almost impossible mission that even Tom Cruise would struggle with unless he had one of the developers … Continue reading Escaping Alcatraz Island

My SMKC19 Story

Since 2002 the very best Super Mario Kart players have been battling each other to see who is the greatest, this year they were joined by me. Despite being the number one in Essex (at NTSC), it would be fair to say that with a ranking of 310 out of 576 players (can you imagine if everyone had turned up) on the official Super Mario … Continue reading My SMKC19 Story

Nintendo Switch Lite Review

Nintendo have a habit of releasing its handheld consoles in various formats. From the original Game Boy to the Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance to the SP and Micro versions, DS got a redesign and DS Lite/Max, the 3DS welcomed the arrival of the 2DS again in various redesigned forms. Now we have a new version of the Switch, a portable handheld only model … Continue reading Nintendo Switch Lite Review