Don’t worry about Metroid Prime 4

Today Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4 was not going to plan, it simply was not up to the high standard Nintendo sets nor was it living up to the Metroid Prime name. It’s a brave announcement, not many developers would publicly state their project had to be restarted, the fact that Nintendo’s president was the one to give this message was even more incredible. Disappointed … Continue reading Don’t worry about Metroid Prime 4

My Super Mario Kart Story 2018

It’s exactly one year since I debuted my times to the SMK (Super Mario Kart) Website not really knowing where I would rank. Back when I was young, I always thought of myself as being quite good as I was easily the best among my friends who played. Time trial was one of my favourite game modes and I thought I was fast but perhaps … Continue reading My Super Mario Kart Story 2018

Quick Guide to Beat’em’ups

It was back in the late 80’s when I played my first Beat’em’up game in the arcades, that game being Double Dragon which I remember throwing many coins into to complete, a special surprise awaited anyone who got to the end with a friend in coop. Known as Belt games in Japan due to the conveyer belt style scrolling in the games, Beat’em’ups such as … Continue reading Quick Guide to Beat’em’ups

Awesome Gaming Communities

As the PlayStation 3 gets older and older, servers are going to close down for many classic games on the system. Smash Brothers inspired PlayStation All Stars being one of them with the servers being closed for good this October. For many gamers who love collecting trophies, this will render all hopes of getting a Platinum trophy on All Stars impossible and further cements my … Continue reading Awesome Gaming Communities

Achievements – Addiction or Challenge?

Since the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, games have added trophies and achievements to give “reward” for certain in game successes. These achievements, gamer points and trophies add up to give an overall accumulated ranking to show the rest of the gaming world just how great you are. In theory. So far Nintendo is the only one ignoring an achievement style system. Thankfully in … Continue reading Achievements – Addiction or Challenge?

Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud for Nintendo Switch

By far one of my favourite games on the Sega Dreamcast (and my first online gaming experience), Phantasy Star Online (PSO) was an incredible experience at that time. Never before had I played as part of a team of real people to take down giant dragons and hordes of monsters while hoping my dial up internet connection didn’t disconnect if I received a phone call. … Continue reading Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud for Nintendo Switch

MeetTheDev on Twitter

By far one of the best and most positive things I’ve seen on Twitter is #MeetTheDev, you owe it to yourself if you love video games and appreciate those who make them to give #MeetTheDev a search. Here are a few I’ve come across myself on Twitter that I wanted to share with you all, why not give these devs a follow too. Continue reading MeetTheDev on Twitter